The Best Market Research Projects

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

• Planning;
• Questionnaire design;
• In-person interviews, home visits, CATI and Web;
• POS (Point of Sales);
• Coding and tabulation of research data;
• Data entry and processing;
• Report/Analysis of research results;
• Moderation;
• Recruiting;
• In-depth interviews;
• Online Communities;
• Presentation of research findings.

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Translation and Transcription

In the current scenario of globalization we invest in skilled professionals qualified to translate and localize virtually any kind of materials. You can design your project in your language and country and bring it to Brazil and bring back home all your results and materials translated back to your language. We also transcribe and translate audio and video.

• Translation;
• Audio transcripts;
• Specialized, qualified professionals;
• Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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About Neoway

We are market research field specialists established in 2013 operating in the local and foreign markets. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality, efficient and customized services. We rely on highly qualified bilingual professionals located in several different regions of Brazil. We have quality assurance procedures throughout all steps of our projects, frequently verifying and validating the collected data to ensure our clients can realize their vision. At the beginning of each project we conduct briefing meetings so we fully understand our client’s goals and challenges and make sure our whole team is aligned with such goals and challenges, conferring end-to-end consistency to our projects.


We have two strategically located central locations in downtown São Paulo (República district), which allows us to tap into a large volume of consumers, in addition to being close to convenient transportation. Our facilities are prepared for a broad variety of projects, being equipped with landline phones, desktops and laptops, fiber optics internet connection, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, desks, tables and chairs for interviews and product testing.

Our Team

We count on professionals with 20+ years of experience in market research from renowned organizations. Our team is fully prepared to conduct projects for all industries. Our team is available for remote and in-person projects.

Our Mission

Designing, developing and executing market research projects with intelligence and efficiency, guaranteeing our clients obtain reliable, high-quality information to help them making strategic decisions.

Our Vision

Our goal is for our business to be an important and reliable agent in finding strategic information for our clients and become a reference in the research industry.

Our core values

• Focus on our clients;
• Excellence;
• Respect for everyone;
• Ethics;
• Credibility.

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Neoway Research is located in the heart of São Paulo, right next to Praça da República.
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